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Welcome to the website of fr. Anthony Gunin, an orthodox priest and iconographer.
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Never having a teacher and not belonging to any local iconography school, after painting the holy icons over 20 years, fr. Anthony Gunin developed the style, referring to the aesthetics of the so-called paleological revival artists. His transparent technique of icon painting, sometimes reaching watercolor luminosity, seems to be very suitable to convey the revealed truths of the Holy Church on the divine light permeating the saints.
Anthony Gunin was born in 1971 in the city of Voronezh (central Russia) in a family of architects. From early years Anthony Gunin took lessons at the Art Studio, studied at the School of Arts and at Voronezh Architect Academy and at St.Tikhon Theological University in Moscow. Around that time he started trying himself in byzantine iconography.

After several years of self-studying, fr. Anthony Gunin began to fulfill commissions on wall paintings and portable icons from different people and churches first in Russia and later in the USA and Europe as well. He based in Boston MA now.

Answering many requests, fr. Anthony started to perform master classes for the people in America and in Europe.

And with a little help from friends, he organized an Online Icon Painting School.

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Icon of our Lord Jesus Christ "Pantokrator"
Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Eleousa"
Icon of Saint Michael the Archangel
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